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Turnell & Odell Ltd

Turnell + Odell Ltd. offers specialist low volume prototype development as well as high volume manu- facturing, and is equipped with a broad range of modern CNC machinery. Our philosophy is to keep abreast of advanced engineering techniques, by continuous investment in the latest machining technology embracing CNC turning, milling and machining centres, borers, grinders, and other secondary operation machinery.

Contact   Address
Name: Stuart Fyfe Sanders Road
Phone (O): 01933 222 061 Finedon Road Industrial Estate
Phone (M): 07725 580 121 Wellingborough
Fax: 01933 440 073 Northamptonshire
Email: stuart@toengineering.co.uk NN8 4NL
Website: www.toengineering.co.uk  


Industry sectors
Product design Aerospace
Machining (manual) Automotive
Milling (manual) Motorsport
Turning (manual) Rail
Repair & overhaul Nuclear
Inspection Marine
NDT Renewable energy
Fabrication Food & drink
Welding (not coded welders)  
Accreditations Customer approvals
ISO 9001 Rolls-Royce
ISO 14001 (underway)  
ISO 18001 (underway)